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23 October, 2008

(137) Button Discrimination ?

Why men's shirts have the buttons on the right, but women's shirts have the buttons on the left?

22 October, 2008

(136) Car Commercials

In expensive car commercials, the registration plate of the car usually contains letters W, M, T, A, O, I, H and the numbers 1, 0 and 8. Why ?

And.... WE'RE BACK !

Long time no see, everyone !

It's almost a year since I wrote my last question here on the blog. Missed you all !

I decided to keep this blog alive, especially because all of you out there being a great support during this, for me, very hard and intensie period of my life.

Wish you all good luck and




30 November, 2007

(135) Name the Pain(ting)

Name the painter, the title of the painting and the historical event depicted in this masterpiece.

ANSWER: Pablo Picasso, Guernica

(134) Building In Common

Rome and Paris share the name of one building. Which one ?

ANSWER: Pantheon

(133) Amazing Depression

Name the depression depicted above. Why is it so specific ?

ANSWER: The Racetrack Playa of Death Valley. It is famous for 'sailing stones', rocks that mysteriously move across its surface.

27 November, 2007

(132) Dotted Code

Morse Code consists of combinations of dots and dashes representing the letters of the alphabet and numerals. Which code consists only of dots ?

ANSWER: Braille

(131) Locate the Building

Locate the unusual building depicted above. Name the architect and the company for which it was designed.

ANSWER: The Robot Building, Bangkok, Thailand. Designed for the Bank of Asia by Sumet Jumsai.

(130) Roman Detachable Statues

Roman statues were made with detachable parts, so, if needed, some could be removed and replaced by another. What parts of the statues were usually detachable ?


26 November, 2007

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

Last week exQUIZZme won 3 beautiful awards ! I modestly decided to brag about them as much as my English allows me to, so here they are:)

1 Million Love Messages's "Great Blog Awards"

I was so proud to get the very first "Most Original Blog" award from Mauro, the founder of Mauro
decided to pick exQUIZZme as the most original site among a lot of other blogs in this weeks competition.
The other category's winners are : Blog of The Week - GO! Smell the Flowers!, Best “Love Related” Blog - Lovebabz, Best Humour Blog - Moviecat, Best Blog About Stuff - Antibarbie .
Do check this great blogs also, I loved all of them. Great taste, Mauro ! :)

Your Relevant's "Golden Glasses Award"

If you don't already know (although I seriously doubt it, you're all very smart and well informed), Your Relevant is a blog reviewing site with a mission discovering the most interesting blogs & sites in the blogosphere.
Few weeks ago, they started to hand out the "Golden Glasses Award". Here's what says Phil, the founder of the site, about the award itself:

This is not just any award to be handed out to thousands across the internet. This is an award that is handed out only a few times a month and the award is personalized to your name or company.
What qualities do we need to get the award? The blog needs to show great value to the readers. Thats it. Who ever does this the best will win.
What this award means?
Whenever you see the golden glasses on a website, this means that this site offers great value to its readers and you may want to bookmark it or subscribe while its in your browser.
And here's what they say about
We would like to present the Golden Glasses Award to We thought this site was well put together. What a wonderful way to build comments and community through interesting and well thought out questions.
I'm speechless. TY Phillip!

Go! Smell The Flowers' "You Make Me Smile Award"

You Make Me Smile Award came from one of my favorite blogs out there, Go Smell The Flowers!. At the same time, Jim&Em gave me the oportunity to award 10 other bloggers with this cheerful badge ! I decided to pass this smiling award onto the following blogs & bloggers who always make me smile :

Techfun - It’s not just about geek stuff

Geologyjoe and his Slingshot Thought

Pam Hoffman's Seminar Listings

Linda's Wit End

Kim's Two boys, a husband and me

d3xt3r's Photosia

magdalena's Croatian Coast and Islands

infonistacrat's brilliant Music Blog

Silvia's bsilvia site

Cindy's My Recycled Bags

Congrats everyone, including me, if for nothing, then for writing a unusually long post today :)

24 November, 2007

(129) Just In Case ...

What must always be within 40 feet (12 meters) of the sitting US President?

ANSWER: Case with the nuclear launch codes.

23 November, 2007

(128) Shoes Before 1800

What was unusual about the shoes before the 19th century ?

ANSWER: no difference between the left shoe and the right shoe

22 November, 2007

(127) Recycled Building

This building now houses a museum dedicated to an industry that could be found in virtually every part of the world throughout history. However, this building started out as something other than a museum. Name this building and explain the role this building played when new and exactly what kind of museum it is currently.

submitted by: techfun

Answer timer: Time's up!

ANSWER: Originally: The Shanxi Salt Merchants Guildhall, built in 1736 - 1752 AD / Now: It houses the Salt Museum in Sichuan, China, with exhibits about the 4200 year history of salt production in the region.

21 November, 2007

(126) Mr. Eiffel's Inspiration

Which part of human body inspired Gustave Eiffel to build his famous tower ?

ANSWER: The femur

(125) Uncommon Musicians

Except the fact they were famous musicians, what else B. Jones, J. Hendrix, J. Joplin, J. Morrison i C. Cobain had in common ?

ANSWER: They all died at age 27.